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Golden Sparkles

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Hello all and welcome. Gypsy Mule was created to bring a fun and exciting experience to every occasion! From cocktail parties to mocktail parties we have you covered. My name is Kelley and I am the owner of Gypsy Mule LLC. What started the fire to open my own beverage service was an amazing bar mate and long lasting friend who helped me get get going in the business world. I have tried to venture out of bartending and somehow always found my way back to it. It is something I absolutely love doing. I have over 10 years experience behind a variety of different types of bars and I decided I wanted to be behind my own. This did not happen over night and I defiantly  have plenty of folks to thank for Gypsy Mule's Success! I wouldn't be here without my old partner Sam who built the bar and help build my dream or my mother in-law who helped guide my busy mind, my husband without his support or any of my other friends or family that just believed in us. I have had an amazing team behind me every step of the way!

Our Story

We are a new beverage service in Texas taking ON the DFW and surrounding areas . It began with the idea of buying a horse trailer and turning into a mobile bar called Gypsy Mule .. Today we are starting the first steps of that goal with pop up bars, drink batches, and coming soon cocktail infusion kits ! I'm very excited to see what the rest of the year brings . 2023 is our year to shine . We are a DRY HIRE which means we do not provide, sell or trade alcohol . The way this business works is you supply all alcohol products and we provide all mixers, sodas, ice, mobile bar, juices, bar supplies, INCREDABLE SERIVCE and more . This stops the mark up of alcohol sales. There is no profit of alcohol at Gypsy Mule ! We do a variety of events ranging from weddings to memorials to festivals and more ! Just let us know how we can make your special day one to remember !   

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